What is that to you? You follow me. John 21:22

“When you attend a children’s choir concert, it is not a surprise when children instead of looking at the choir director; are wiggling, squirming, poking each other, and often stand on their tiptoes searching for parents in the audience. And yes, they occasionally sing. But not so with the adult choir members who have learnt that good music comes forth from singers who pay attention to the director.

Christians sometimes are like singers in a children’s choir. Instead of looking at Jesus Christ, the great conductor of the symphony of life, we are busy squirming or looking at each other or watching the audience. Jesus admonished Peter for such behavior. After He told him what would be required of him, Peter pointed to John and asked, “what about him?” Jesus answered with a question: “What is that to you? You follow Me”. (John 21:22).

Sometimes we are distracted by what others are doing.  We think God’s plan for their life is better than His plan for ours.  But God’s plan for each one of us is the same: Follow Jesus.  When we watch Him intently, we’ll not be distracted by God’s plan for anyone else.” Our Daily Bread  2015.

It is good to remember, that every child of God has a special place in HIS plan.

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