Excerpt from An online Course: Where God puts two hearts in a home

The Bible says, as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens his friend (Prov 27:17). As you work to improve unity with your spouse, the burrs and barbs of your personality will be revealed and smoothed away until your Master can see His face reflected in you. Do you want to bring a smile of joy to God‘s face? Then read on.

From Genesis 2:22-24, we learn that the unity between a husband and a wife was God‘s antidote for aloneness. But, once they fell into sin, their own selfishness would block true unity at every turn. Perhaps divorce is not as common an occurrence in your culture as it is in ours, but I would guess that intimate unity in marriage is just as rare.

  • How many couples do you know who share a deep connection in the Spirit?
  • Couples who enjoy the delight of the physical union of sexual communion and affectionate touch?
  • Who search and know each other‘s minds intimately?

These couples stand out because of their rarity in any country, yet this is the type of freedom from loneliness that God intended for all married couples to enjoy.

How do you achieve the unity of mind, body, and spirit that God offers as a gift to every married couple? As the Holy Spirit restores God‘s image within the minds of His people, it makes unity in marriage once again possible. But, it is not inevitable! You do not achieve unity automatically by exchanging marriage vows, by hoping for the best, or even by developing spiritual disciplines.

No, your marriage unity itself has needs that are different from your individual needs or your spouse‘s needs. If you want to stay close and unified, you must know what these needs are and do what is best for your marriage, regardless of how you feel or whatever other important activities compete for your time and attention.


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