As we rush through life doing one activity after another…many times our thoughts and attentions are glued to the needs and challenges in our lives…which seem more real than a God we cannot see.  In Revelations 4, John describes the God of eternity enthroned in Heaven.   “The twenty four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne, and Worship him forever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne…”Rev.4:10 as they worship the LORD God. In the presence of God who is seated on the throne with the appearance of jasper and carnelian, the 24 Elders cannot contain themselves and in worship … they fall on their knees and take off their crowns before God.

We may acknowledge God, yet our lives seem no different from the lives of others around us who do not know God.  One person noted that while with great anticipation you and I look forward to our eternal home ….we are failing to embrace the key activity in Heaven which is worshipping God.  Revelation says that the LORD Jesus Christ walks through the golden lampstands (churches)…and whenever we meet as Christians to share his word…the LORD’s presence is in our midst.  However, in moments of worship, some of us remain seated on our ‘thrones’, while some firmly hold onto the crowns attained in this life.  Worship is powerful; however, when we fail to make God the center of our worship …it loses the power to transform us and our circumstance.

As we pondered about the thrones and crowns of this life… we realized that the reason which keeps one’s heart from bowing down to God is when one equates self to God.  Such… regards self as a god because of a crown on their head which could be … crown of prestige, crown of fame, crown of wealth, crown of educational accomplishments, crown of knowledge, crown of beauty, crown of status etc.   However, unlike the Crown of glory which will be given to the victorious…. these crowns fade and never last forever.

So, although we have not yet ‘seen’ the glory of God… as we sing praises, songs of worship and Hymns; let it be a heartfelt worship to God.  ‘Anyone who grasps the truth about the Almighty God has only one option …to bow before Him in humble, reverent worship.  To bow before God is not to cringe before HIM, but to throw off all pride’ and in deference honors Him for all He is and has done’.

Is God lacking worshipers? “The 4 living creatures day and night never stop worshiping GodRev.4:8 for who he is!  Worshiping God is not an activity restricted only to church; but it goes on day and night being manifested before God through the various capacities God has entrusted us with such as:- wife,  husband, father, mother, brother, sister, child, leader, servant, minister etc.  Note…we do not worship God because all is well; we Worship God because He is God…and this is expressed through our words and actions.

‘God actively rules the world from a throne of splendor and majesty in Heaven…He is a God who knows our future and control’s it.  He alone is in charge’.

One has to make a choice ‘whether to bow before the powers and throne of Satan; or bow before the power and throne of God’.  A choice has to be made by you.

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