Excerpt from An online Course: Where God puts two hearts in a home

 The overall aim of addressing Communication in marriage, Sexual lovemaking and and now Healthy habits is unity in marriage. We shared diverse articles on communication and sex, however, the biggest threat to marital unity is something far more difficult to address than failures in those areas. Like air, this threat is around us and within us, but we rarely notice it…at least in ourselves.

It is so much a part of our world that it is inconceivable to us that it should not exist, and it will not exist in heaven. Can you guess what it is? The greatest threat to unity in marriage is pride.  Pride is so much of the center of what fallen human beings are that we would perhaps barely recognize ourselves without it.

We believe the lie of the enemy that without our pride we would surely die or cease to be fully human. Yet it is this sin that Jesus was most concerned about, even more than the big sins, which we might think are more significant. Pride damages a marriage relationship quickly and provides fertile soil for many other seeds of sin to grow.

Have you spoiled your marriage relationship by your pride? Even though pride gets us into deep trouble, humility can sometimes get us out.

A marriage where one or both partners are motivated by selfishness and pride can never experience unity. Pride bars the door to all sorts of good things that the Lord wants to do through our marriages. Pride builds walls and shoots off blame and justification. Humility allows us to expose our weaknesses and fears to one another… we have no false image to project, nothing to hide, no commitment to self-defense. Humility brings marriage partners closer than they could have ever imagined. It equips them to deal with any problems or sins through working together in unity, without hurting or blaming each other.

Once humility removes pride from the door of our interchanges with one another, there is no limit to the amount of Christlike love and unity that can develop in our marriages.  If you have received Christ as your Savior, the Holy Spirit is already working to transform you. But God made you with the right to choose evil as well as good. He let Eve and then Adam eat the fruit. He let the rich young ruler walk away. You must unlock the doors to the rooms within your prideful heart and humbly ask Him to cleanse them.



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