When Peter and John received the report from the women who had gone early in the morning to the tomb that Jesus was not in the tomb, each one took to running towards the tomb for they needed to see for themselves. They confirmed that Jesus was not in the tomb and had left his grave clothes behind. Jesus had Risen and is Alive today; and to his disciples he had assured that ‘because I live, you will live’ John 14:19b.

When we become followers of Jesus Christ we lose the status of being ‘dead in sin’ to being ‘Alive in Christ’; and therefore our place of habitation is no longer the tomb. It is only the dead found in tombs.

The Easter celebrations are behind us and we continue our walk with the Risen Christ. Still, I need to ask ‘Can alive person reside in a tomb?’ Isn’t this a situation we find ourselves in when we profess to be alive in Christ; but still tread the path of the world? When our conscience to sin has been so seared that we are so comfortable with the things that God hates?

Paul tells us in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. My prayer is that God enables us to understand the meaning of living a resurrected life in Christ. Surely, at the end of it all it counts… for it is only when we die in Christ that we will Rise and Reign with Christ.

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