“…… Then the Lord said to me, “Do not harass the Moabites or provoke them to war, for I will not give you any part of their land.  I have given Ar to the descendants of Lot as a possession.” Deuteronomy 2:9

Have you ever seen a young one throw a tantrum when they are desirous of something that belongs to another person?  It looks good to play with… and so they want it.  However, when the ‘captivating’ item belongs to another person the mother doesn’t give into the baby’s desires. How about God in his response to our requests, desires, demands?

In the portion of Deuteronomy Chapter 2, God was speaking to the Children of Israel to whom he had promised great blessings and for some it might have been an interpretation of whatever I want …. I take. On their journey to the Promised Land, they came to the land of the descendants of Esau and Lot; and God warned them “….They will be afraid of you, but be very careful” …contend not with them over their lands for it is their possession.

In our Christian walk, we have the confidence of a child who has a loving and generous Father; however, often we forget that HE is also God the Father of ‘our neighbors’…the very same God who gives them blessings in form of financial blessings, job opportunities, marriages, properties etc.  In this oversight, numerous times we wrong each other in an effort to have our needs met.

God told the Israelites “You are to pay them in silver for the food you eat and the water you drink.  The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands” Deuteronomy 2:6-7. Being worldly is also depicted in yearning for a life where man either desists from toiling or reaps where he is not meant to… ‘a student graduates without entering a lecture hall or simply presents class assignments done by another person; a man works hard and is defaulted off his dues in form of non or irregular payments, depriving one off a business profit  so that one is able to record a particular balance on his bank account; an officer works hard on a working document and another person takes credit for his ‘sweat’; having outstanding debts or failure to pay debts; relating with married people; and in offence to God …we testify and give credit to God  for our achievements when wrongly attained.  Not only at will do we take what is for another brother or sister we also rob God whenever we fail to give our tithes and offerings Malachi 3:8.

If the children of Israel despite God’s warning had gone ahead to make war against the descendants of Esau and Lot for the land…they would have faced consequences.  Today, as we journey in our Christian walk, the light on this path is the Word of God. It is the Word of God which enables us to learn what is right before God so as to obey him.

The Lord teaches us that when we pray it should be in submission to God’s will… “if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us”.  1 John 5:14   As Children of God we can never de-link ourselves from the will of God for our lives.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Mathew 7:12


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