“Possessions, position and power are constantly promoted as the source of happiness and the goal of life… a belief many of us embrace and become easily seduced by this world’s charms.   However, we are cautioned by John who records the vision of Babylon the Great, a powerful city described as a prostitute who seduced the world’s kings(Rev.17).  Babylon represents mankind’s death grip on comfort, wealth and excessive consumption leading to denial of God’s rightful place in one’s life.

When not alert, it is easy for God’s people to fall prey to the seduction of fame, pride, complacency, self-sufficiency and reliance on wealth…things which all fade unlike the glory of eternity.

“Come out of her, my people”, John hears another voice speak from heaven with the command (Rev. 18:4).  The angel’s command clearly calls all believers to separate from habits and worldly patterns of indulgence.”

The Lord Jesus Christ said that although we are in the World; we are not of the World; and thus be separate from Worldly practices. When a Christian lives in obedience to God…such a person will purposefully choose to live differently from the World around one.  As we spiritually mature in God…the glitter of the world in form of attractions and temptations pale in comparison to obeying God and the glory of eternity.

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