“The world encourages you to chart your own course, to make a name for yourself, accumulate enough money to live comfortably and, possibly provide for others.   The life of following Jesus follows a course that is a lot different from the World’s.” In it, it is crucial to bear fruit, fruit that lasts.

So, while every branch which does not bear fruit is cut off, thrown and burnt; the Gardener prunes or trims every branch that bears fruit. The gardener removes obstructions, deadwood and even some growth that may seem healthy and beautiful; for without pruning, the branch will not produce more, bigger and better fruit.

God, our Gardener, sovereignly places His people in situations that will lead to the most fruitfulness. God’s pruning may be painful, but it cleanses us off wrong emotions, thoughts, careless words and fruitless deeds of our fallen nature which obstruct the working of the Holy Spirit within us. Afterwards, a harvest of righteousness and peace in each ‘pruned’ Christian is realized.

To remain in Jesus Christ is to lean on Him, listen to Him, depend on Him and live by His Words.

“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciple.” John 15:8

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