A personal sharing of Debbie Wood …an Excerpt from an online Course: Where God puts two hearts in a home.

Be sober and alert. Your enemy the devil, like a roaring lion, is on the prowl looking for someone to devour. Resist him, strong in your faith. 1 Peter 5:8-9.  One weekend after working at a missions event, Tom and I visited Umfolozi National Park in South Africa. We stopped to spend the night in a concrete hut. At dusk, the rangers told us to lock our doors and not to venture out. Outside in the darkness, the lions, leopards, and other hungry carnivores were stalking their supper. As long as we remained inside the protection of the building, we could sleep peacefully and safe.

The next night, we traveled to a private ranch and stayed in a hut far from the main house. It was dark, but our host said that there were many antelope and giraffes, which we could see the next day. Since he didn’t mention predators, I thought a walk under the stars would be a romantic way to spend our last night in Africa.

But honey, Tom cautioned. What about the wild animals?  That was only at the national park. I‘m sure our hosts would have warned us if there were anything dangerous here. I smiled enticingly. Tom took my hand, and we walked past a small pond. The stars were bright and some birds made strange chattering noises in the bushes. The breeze was warm and exotic. I relished this amazing experience. But I could feel in Tom‘s tense hand that he was mentally rehearsing how to fling himself in front of an attacking lion. After a while, we shared a long embrace under the stars, but his stiff shoulders revealed his tension. He was eager to lead me back toward the cabin. I resisted, annoyed at his caution. I‘d like to stay out a little longer, dear. I smiled sweetly. I don‘t mind being alone. I‘ll stay nearby. I repeated my reasons again.

OK, but don‘t be too long. I just don‘t feel right about your being out here. My dear, but over-cautious husband, I thought, perhaps a bit condescendingly as I wandered by the pond to meditate on the beauty of African nature and all the wonders that we had seen. Eventually, reluctantly, I went inside.

The next morning, there were early visitors by our pond. An English couple wearing thick glasses, pith helmets, and binoculars were pointing at the ground. I went out to greet them. Maybe they could tell me about the night birds I had heard. Fascinating! the man exclaimed, his wife nodding.

What did you see? I questioned with a smile.  Leopard tracks! The man pointed. Right here at your pond. I gulped. Here?  Oh yes, they both nodded, Oh, I‘d say he was here drinking out of your pond just last night.  I wasn’t sure why they were smiling. They won‘t attack people, will they?  Oh yes, but not to worry. You‘re perfectly safe as long as you stay indoors at night.

God‘s message to me was clear. In order to avoid becoming dinner for a predator, I needed to listen to the leading of my husband. He was designed by God to keep me safe, both physically and spiritually. I had some apologizing to do!

Linda, our unmarried friend, had wanted some peaceful time alone and had stayed in a separate cabin overnight. During the night she heard something on her roof, pacing back and forth, but like me, she thought it couldn’t possibly be anything truly dangerous. But the sound was so frightening, she kept thinking about running through the woods to join us in our cabin to get away from the noise. It was a good thing she resisted that urge. The reason the leopard was up there was that he was waiting to pounce if she walked out the door.

A single woman also has to decide what protection God has placed around her and not be alarmed into fleeing into the darkness, perhaps into a relationship designed as a snare by the enemy. If you are single, what frightening noises have you heard padding on your rooftop?

―You will die old and alone.

―It‘s better to marry anybody than to be lonely and single.

―I can‘t live without a man‘s arms around me.

―If I don‘t get married by the time I‘m thirty, everyone will make fun of me.

How Does Satan Tempt Wives?

 A wife is often tempted to flee her husband‘s protection. Have you wives heard a voice luring you away?

―I think I know better than he does. (I‘m sure there are no wild animals here.)

―Why should he get to be the top dog? I‘m just as smart. In fact, I might even be smarter than        him.

―I am an adult. Why should I have to discuss my choices with anyone else?

―He‘s so incompetent.

If a wife disrespects her husband mentally, she will show it in her words and actions. This will cause the man to doubt his strength and the two of them to constantly bicker and jockey for position. Satan likes it that way. Divide and conquer is his motto! The enemy constantly stimulates a woman‘s pride so that he can coax her out from under the spiritual shield of her husband (or other protector). Then he is free to pounce on her and rip her throat out.

Is there a battle of the sexes going on at your house? Be assured it has the claw marks of your enemy all over it. Don‘t give up and don‘t give in to enemy ploys. If you obey what is right, without being fearful (1 Pet 3:6), by working together, employing each other‘s strengths and helping each other‘s weaknesses, you can stay safe from the enemy‘s schemes for your destruction.

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