Excerpt from An online Course: Where God puts two hearts in a home.

In the historical vows of the Christian wedding ceremony, there was always a vow to be faithful to this one person until death. It was expressed till death do us part. A sweet version I once heard was till one lays the other in the arms of Jesus.  But many people take vows while secretly keeping divorce as a possible escape clause. In contrast to a Christian ceremony, some have changed vows not to mention anything about permanence.

From Genesis 2:21-25, we have seen that God intends a couple not only to get married (stop being separate), but also to become one flesh with a spouse. This expression flesh is good because if you have one living creature and try to pull it or cut it in half, does it survive? No, both halves die. Similarly, if you take two pieces of paper, glue them together (remember the word cleave means to glue), and let them dry, what happens if you try to take them apart again? Both surfaces are a mess with clinging bits of the other half and holes torn in both. Similarly, when divorce happens, it is impossible to have a clean break.   The memories, habits, friendships, and most important, the children, continue to join you together painfully in spots just like the torn papers. God created marriage as a permanent joining together. Honoring your marriage covenant is an expression of your love for God and your faithfulness to Him.

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure…” Hebrew 13:4.  There are two ways that the bed can be defiled…One is through adultery that is, sexual relations when at least one partner is married to someone else. The other way mentioned is through sexual immorality. In the original Greek, this word …sexual immorality is porneia, which is the root of the English word pornography. Porneia includes any activity that is unclean and sexually immoral like homosexual behavior, lustful thoughts, viewing pornography, and specifically, sexual relations between two unmarried people.

In the face of temptation, how do you show that you honor marriage? By having the right attitude when you look at others. Lust like this passage describes it is not merely noticing that someone is attractive. In translation look is not just to glance, but to keep on watching intentionally. It is a purposeful gazing, not just someone that happens across your path. On his way to the Bible School each morning, one of my teachers, Dr Willard Aldrich, had to pass a club with a sign showing a naked woman. He said that he kept his thoughts pure as he passed by saying thank You God for making women beautiful. That was enough to divert his natural interest into a proper channel. He said, You can‘t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair!

Two people who are Christians may decide to divorce, and often do in this modern age. An individual who is following Christ may be led to legally end a marriage when a disobedient spouse is unrepentantly adulterous. But neither of those relationships is by definition a Christian marriage. A fully Christian marriage will go the entire distance. Just as the Lord Jesus cannot divorce the Trinity because of His very nature, so the Holy Spirit will never lead a Spirit-filled couple to decapitate their marriage by severing the head from the body. If you both have a heart consecrated to God like Jesus, if you walk in the power of the Spirit in your dealings with one another, if you sustain a relationship that portrays the love between Christ and the church, such a marriage will endure.


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