Jesus Christ describes the time of the Kingdom of Heaven using a parable of the ten virgin girls who took their lamps and went out to meet their bridegroom. It was a long wait. When the announcement came about the arrival of the groom they had fallen asleep. This parable describes 2 types of virgin girls…the wise and the foolish. The wise not only had oil in their lamps; but also had carried oil in Jars; while the foolish had oil only in their lamps. When the virgin girls woke up and lit their lamps they noted that their oil was almost spent.  The groom arrived while the foolish virgins were gone to buy oil; and the door was shut. On their return they approached the closed door, “Lord, Lord,” they said “Open the door for us”, confident of their reception; “But he replied, Truly I tell you. I don’t know you. Mathew 25:11-12

I believe this parable speaks to those who call themselves people of God; those eagerly waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Although they are all described as virgins, there is a marked distinction between the wise and the foolish …. the wise virgins were prepared to wait for the groom and this is noted in the extra effort they took in carrying along extra oil in Jars.

Many people have good intentions to follow God’s teachings; try to separate themselves from evil and live for God; however without the Holy Spirit; it is impossible for one to walk in the path of righteousness, the Righteousness of Christ.  As we walk before God, the Holy Spirit teaches and reminds us the word of God, gives us the strength to walk upright and overcome the ‘many difficulties we must go through to enter the Kingdom of God’ Acts 14:22.  The Lord Jesus Christ referred to the Holy Spirit as the Teacher, guide and comforter.

Ask yourself …Is the Holy Spirit working in my life?…Are the fruit of the Holy Spirit evident in my life?’’   Am I submissive to the lead of the Spirit of God, listen and allow his corrections even when it is a difficult decision to make? I pray that your prayer will be like that of the Psalmist, “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” Psalms 143:10

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