It was a lazy evening for David. There sitting on his balcony, looks out and sees Bathsheba. He had an eyeful. This servant of God yearned for that which was not his; and he took it. The morning after Bathsheba snuck back to her home, David must have thought …over with! But, a month after taking the forbidden fruit, a desperate Bathsheba comes knocking on his door….she had conceived and her husband had been away from her bed, over a month.

David devises a solution to spring himself out of this ‘tardy business’; but Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband did not follow through as David had planned. David’s desperation led him to shed innocent blood; he killed Uriah.  Well, the young widow takes residence in David’s Palace as wife 2 Samuel chapter 11. It seems to be finally tidy and David must have thought….over with!

The psalmist confesses that “the Lord God is slow to anger”…and indeed David had 9 months to repent of his sin; but did he? The baby is born; however, the delight to the household is short-lived when Prophet Nathan delivers God’s judgment on David. Shame faced and guilty, David falls before God. God spared the life of David; but, the child died.

Corruption in all aspects of our lives is mounting high; enticing and pressing Christians to follow suit. ‘…just one time’ is daily whispered in our ears. Our God is merciful and forgiving and when we earnestly repent before him; he grants us forgiveness. However, it does not stop at ‘…over with’ for the psalmist confesses “….righteousness and justice are the foundation of his Throne”.    God told David “…the sword will never depart from your household…” and “… I will take your wives and give them to one close to you….2 Samuel Chpter 12:11; and so it was.

Giving into the whisper of ‘..Just one time’ leads to consequences. Many, reason that we are in the days of Grace and that is true.   Still, Paul cautions us to “work on our salvation with fear and tremblingand this helps us not to abuse or misuse God’s grace.

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