Jacob ran from home in fear for his life and went to live with his mother’s relative, Laban; but, a time came and he had to return back home.  A fearsome moment it was, for he had to face his long estranged brother, Esau.

On his way back home, Jacob looked up and there was his brother approaching him with 400 men.  In a state of great fear and distress, he devised a plan to pacify his brother and that was gifts … hoping to appease him before they met face to face Gen.32:20.

In our relationships, especially during moments of uncertainty, just like Jacob took to hiding behind herds, often we hide behind ‘herds’ such as works, accomplishment, pride with an intent to appease or impress God as well as fellow man.  But, the plan of the herds didn’t work. Esau was not impressed and was of a mind to return it back to Jacob.

However earlier on, Jacob had cried to God in anguish praying for God’s intervention to spare him and his family from the wrath of his brother Gen.32:9; and I believe that the act of Esau running to Jacob, tears flowing down both the faces of the brothers as they warmly embraced was the act of God.

One person said that “what I ‘hide’ from God …God can’t heal”.  Issues which are never brought before God, do have a tendency to multiply from the size of a mole to a mountain; yet a person can only run and hide for so long.  The most rewarding way of dealing with our issues is when we bring them before God as Jacob did.  Healing then flows through our lives.

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