While David had not yet realized his Destiny as King… one time he returned home to find his home destroyed… his family, properties and those of his men raided by the Amalekites.  After grieving ‘until they had no strength left to weep’, consulting the LORD and engaging in a battle which lasted from ‘dusk to evening of the next day’; God granted him an overwhelming victory…he and his men won a battle in which they recovered everything that had been taken from them; and even much more!

The men drove all the flocks and herds ahead of the other livestock, saying “This is David’s plunder”.  There were some trouble makers who agitated not to share the plunder with the others who had not engaged in the battle.  However, David quickly rebuked them by saying  ‘you must not do that with what the LORD has given to us’.

David was conscious to the fact that his success as a leader had been God ordained; and was quick to give God back the Glory and Honor …not only in his Words; but also through his Actions.  Remembrance adds value to our lives.  David not only gave each man a fair share, but also sent presents to the elders of Judah and in other towns….as far back to the places where he and his men roamed when they were in a state of need.

Each one of us has travelled a path….from being a child to becoming an adult; from being a student without a clue of one’s future to the Executive or potential Executive you and I are today.  On the path to success, God uses and moves people to support one.  While some may be people known to us; others are strangers whom God moves to stand with us in a moment of need.

Many times when we talk about counting one’s blessings… we quickly think about one’s status, collections or achievements; however, the people God has brought in our lives …people who have given us a sense of direction, focus, ease, relief and progress within our lives…are prominent blessings worth to be remembered.

Remembrance adds meaning to our lives.  David shared his plunder with people as far back as he could remember… I believe that in blessing others… he was also blessed.  May we remember to lift those who have stood with us before God; and be a blessing to them in words and actions.

 “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace” Numbers 6:24-26,

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