Have you ever felt like giving up? Elijah did. The Lord had just used him to show the nation of Israel that the Lord is God(1 Kings 18).  Yet, the threats of Queen Jezebel so alarmed him that he ran to Beersheba, 100 miles south (1 Kings 19:3).  Then he walked another 150 miles south to Horeb, the mountain of God.  Twice God asked Elijah what he was doing there (vv.9,13). Both times he answered with identical words  “I alone am left; and they seek to take my life” (vv.10,14).

Elijah had become so preoccupied with his own fears that he had forgotten what God had done through him at Mount Carmel.  Despite his great victory, Elijah plunged into the depth of discouragement.  How easy it is for us to do the same.

Perhaps, like Elijah, you are despairing at the circumstances in your life and pondering bailing out on God. God did not accept Elijah’s notice that he was quitting.  Instead, He commissioned his tired servant to handle three major tasks  to anoint 2 kings and a prophet (vv.15-17).

D.De Haan says, “Our Strength and hope is in the Lord.  We rest secure in His sure word; and though we’re tempted to despair, we know we’re kept within his care” . Our Daily Bread 2012

Take heart, when you are a Child of God, it is always too soon to quit!


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