We are desirous to be blessed of the Lord. Most of our prayers are in the line for God to expand our territories. Increase is a deep desire in mankind…and it is a good thing.  However, does God shower us with all these blessings and we are left unaccountable for everything he has given us? In his word, he cautions us that to one who has been given much, much will be asked of them.

When God blesses us with finances, have we learnt that God has chosen us to be his financial outlet… his stewards to reach out to the needy in our midst?  Are we willing to bless people whom the Lord God has brought our way? Yet again, when a message is shared about being accountable to God, many times we are mistaken to limit stewardship to only finances. However, God gives so much more such as time, a spouse, children, family, homes, jobs, businesses…and these basic areas which are common to man…whether poor or rich, each one of us will account how we used these blessings to advance or strengthen the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ cautioned us to store our riches in heaven; for whenever we use the blessings that the Lord has given us to show kindness, love to another in a need; our tallies are going up in the ‘Bank’ which is incorruptible and will need to cash out as we stand before the Lord God.  Indeed, we learn that the only thing that accompanies us when we rest is the righteous acts …not done before men; but before God; and thus the righteous acts are a matter of the heart.

The Lord Jesus explained that those he welcomes home, he will tell them that when I was hungry you fed me, when I was naked you clothed me; and one will wonder when did one ever give a meal or dress the Lord Jesus Christ… whenever you do a kindness to the least of the people (needy) within the community, you are doing it unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today you are alive; and thus given an opportunity to deposit more into your account …where treasures are never robbed nor fade with time.

This is a year to launch out in the deep end for the Kingdom of God.


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