Excerpt from Our Daily Guide 2012

“Let your hand become my help.” Psalms 119:173At one time, I was fishing with some friends and waded into a current that was too strong for my old legs.  I should have known better; it’s a well-known fact that you can wade into flows that you can’t back out of.

I go that panicky feeling that you get when you realize you’re in deep trouble.  One more step and I would have been swept away.

I did the only thing I could think of: I called out to a friend nearby who is younger and stronger than I.  Give me a hand I shouted.  My friend waded into the current, reached out his strong hand and pulled me into quiet water.

As I read Psalms 119:173  I thought of that day on the stream and other days I have ‘waded’ into difficult situations, overestimating my feeble abilities and putting myself and loved ones in jeopardy.  Perharps you find yourself in that place today.

There is help nearby, a friend much stronger that you or your neighbor…one whose hand can hold us (Psalms 139:10).  The psalmist also says of Him, “You have a mighty arm; strong in Your hand” (89:13).  You can call out to God: “Give me a hand!” and He will be at your side.

When adversity strikes us, God is ready to strengthen us.

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