“We are in a spiritual battle with the kingdom of darkness.  We live behind enemy lines, and we face the forces of Satan. Many fortresses need to be demolished for the Kingdom of light to be established.”

A Fortress – Personal stronghold: Christians struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil.  The flesh means the body and the sinful nature; but also it is inclusive of “any attitude or action done without total dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Personal strongholds are areas of our lives in which we are most vulnerable to Satan’s attacks.  They are areas in which Satan always seems to get an advantage of one.  It is through the flesh that Satan influences the mind, the will and the emotions of a person; leading people to depend on own strength; and giving Satan a foothold in one’s life. Paul warns us “not to give the devil a foothold” Eph.4:27 for once the enemy has a foothold in our lives…soon it becomes a stronghold if not defeated by spiritual weapons.

A blind to a stronghold in one’s life is only stripped away as one seeks the face of God.  Some of the examples of personal strongholds which need to be demolished in our lives are bitterness, anger, selfishness, envy, greed.

To live victoriously as a disciple of Christ, we have to put on the full armour of God Eph.6:10:20. These are the Spiritual weapons used to demolish personal strongholds such as:- Helmet of Salvation where one can pray to have a mind of Christ; Sword of the Spirit where one learns the word of God and what it says about a revealed personal stronghold and follows through to confront a stronghold in prayer.

‘When a personal stronghold is demolished, it does not mean that one will never again be tempted in the area which has been dealt with; but one is empowered to fight a winning battle… for Satan will not set up camp inside you to entrap you in his snares.’ MasterLife, The Disciple’s Victory


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