Perseverance is a word which normally leaves one unsettled; and yet so essential for every Christian.  When we study the life of the early church, we learn that their walk as Christians was filled with persecutions and faced major losses. They had to endure to triumph; a key lesson learnt from the LORD Jesus Christ who battled through his mission to glory.

As the enemy advances his mission of stealing, killing and destroying…in the face of pain and loss, we lament; however, as a persevering Christian one has to come to terms with the battle on hand, stop the lamentation; and follow through by rolling up your sleeves and battle for your life, your marriage, your spouse, your children, your job or business against the enemy.  It requires perseverance to win such battles in prayer.

As the days drew near for Jesus Christ to complete his mission, his path was through torment; and he prayed to God if possible to take the cup from him; but his destiny was upheld so that through torment …he can achieve triumph. Mark 14:36

How about Paul?   He went to God three times in prayer about the thorn in his flesh…and God said “My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest2 Corinthians 12:8

What do u do when you have gone before God and presented an honest prayer to him and the response is No?  I am reassured of two things…that as a Child of God whatever the enemy means for evil in my life; God will turn it out for Good Romans 8:28; and the Grace of God is sufficient to see me through whatever hurdles being faced in life 2 Corinthians 12:8.  The Lord says that even in moments of weakness and fatigue….walk in faith and not by sight; and as a believer confess I am strong…voice out your belief in God’s promises made to you as his Child.

We are believers and thus do not live by sight; but by faith; and because of your perseverance in God; you will testify that ‘he is faithful in all he does’. Psalms 33:4

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