A Samaritan woman ran back to her village and said to all, “come, see a man who has told me everything I ever did.” Because of the woman’s testimony, many Samaritans became believers and followers of Christ Jesus. (John 4).

Friends, for close to a year, I have been sharing clips of articles and lessons from a Marriage Course (Where God places two hearts in a home), a course which has greatly impacted on my life as a Christian and my marital relationship.  Many of you have been greatly challenged and touched by the lessons and articles shared.

To benefit from for an in-depth study, I encourage you to become a student of this Marriage Course.   From my experience, one gets to enjoy a marriage aligned to the Word of God; also strengthened to stand with another person/couple going through a ‘valley’ in their marriage.

Now, like that Samaritan woman who encouraged her village mates to hear for themselves from the author of good news; i interest you to join this online course offered by iTEE Global under Internet Bible Seminary (IBS).

Those who are interested, please do contact me for guidance in joining this course.


God’s Blessing.

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