During the Christmas Season, the world is reminded that Jesus Christ is the Saviour born to the World… through him, each one of us is given an opportunity to return to God and finally belong to God.

The Jews who were listening to the teaching of Christ Jesus interrupted him in protest saying ‘we are not illegitimate Children’…. ‘the only Father we have is God himself’; to which the Lord Jesus Christ responded, ‘if God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God’ … ‘God sent me.’ John 8:31  The Jews had a false assurance that since they were descendants of Abraham, they belonged to God. However, Jesus Christ corrected that assumption by saying that ‘whoever belongs to God hears what God says.’ John 8:47a

Jesus asked, ‘why is my language not clear to you’ and then he said ‘Because you are unable to hear what I say’. John 8:43. When God speaks in your life about an issue or leads you towards a particular direction …are you able to hear, understand and follow through with his leading?

Let us purposefully hold on to the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, for then we are really Jesus’s disciples. John 8:31

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