Just like every inventor has a specific purpose in mind for an object he designs; so does God, the Creator. God designed each one of us for a specific reason and fulfill our purpose while on this earth. One shared that our purpose in life is closely linked with a God given gift or talent. While it is easier to discover our gifts, largely because of one’s interest and abilities; when it comes to Purpose … many wonder how one can surely know their God given Purpose in life.

Although, Joseph had ‘dreams’; he was clueless of God’s purpose for his life. In Egypt, when he was first put to work as a slave…, there were tears, anxious and difficult moments; but he got to work and consistently used his God given gift; a gift of leadership which kept opening doors for him right from Potiphar’s home through to Prison and eventually placing him before the Pharaoh of Egypt.

It was at the end, not at the beginning that Joseph got to know his God given purpose in life. So, Irrespective of the setbacks, the difficulties or where your life is at the moment; don’t allow to be derailed, understand that God had a plan for your life and follow through by faithfully using your God given gifts.

A God given gift enables one to excel in the different arenas God permits one to enter in life like family, corporate world, business world etc. God expects us to use these very gifts in furthering the Kingdom of God. God’s purpose for Joseph was one day to be a great leader in a foreign land and to be used by God to save Nations from famine. Even when Joseph could not understand his circumstances, he remained true to God and consistently put to use his gift of leadership. God enabled him to finally step into his intended destiny.   The two dreams he had as a child became a reality.

“ I had another dream, and this time the sun and moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me. ….his father rebuked him and said, ‘What is this dream you had’? Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow down to the ground before you? …his father kept the matter in mind.” Genesis 37: 10-11

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