Why do you call me, Lord, Lord’ and do not do what I say? The Lord Jesus Christ asked.

He challenged His disciples that to be a true disciple, “you must deny [yourself ]and take  up [your] cross daily and follow me.”  When one follows Christ’s teaching of denying self, taking up cross daily and following Him; increasingly one will want what the Lord God wants, love what He loves and hate what He hates.

As a Christian, ‘are you growing to hate sin and love righteousness?  How does your growth in the ways of the Lord prove itself in the shows you watch, your reading material and opinions shared through social media?’ It is spiritually healthy for us to keep checking our standing in God.

“Jesus Christ came to save us from our sin; He did not come to leave us in sin, much less encourage sin.  Those who belong to Christ cry out for His help to fight against their sin.”  As you love righteousness and seek first the Kingdom of God in every area of your life; one finds strength in God to turn their back on habitual sins…and that is a marked growth in  Christian’s life.

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