“After His Sunday message, the Pastor of church in London got on a trolley Monday morning to go back to his study downtown.  He paid his fare and the trolley driver gave him too much change.  The Pastor sat down and fumbled the change and looked it over, counted it eight to ten times.  And you know the rationalization.  ‘It’s wonderful how God provides’.  He realized he was tight that week and this was about what he needs to break even or at least enough for his lunch.  He wrestled with himself all the way down that old trolley trail that led to his office.  And finally he came to the stop and he got up, couldn’t live with himself, walked up to the trolley driver, and said ‘Here you gave me too much change.  You made a mistake’.  The driver said, ‘No it was no mistake.  You see, I was in your church last night when you spoke on honesty, and I thought I would put you to the test.” (Paul Lee Tau, Encyclopedia of 7,700 illustrations).

Rarely when we are undergoing a ‘tug with the flesh’ do we realize that we have an audience.  Yes, the people around you want to see what would a Christian do in such a situation; but also the Heavens is looking on.  2 Chronicles 16:9 reminds me that “The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”  And many times we wonder, how does God strengthen us?

“Galatians 5:17 speaks of the warfare that takes place in the life of every Christian. It is the continual war between the Spirit and the flesh. In a way, our greatest problem in the Christian walk is our fleshly desires.   Galatians 5:17 lets us know that there is a danger of being overcome by the flesh, but God has given us His Holy Spirit. He is there to help us.   When we yield to Him and turn every situation over to His control, we are strengthened and do not carry out the sinful and selfish desires of our flesh” Galatians, ITEE Course online.

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