I liken a New year to a flower opening up for the first time to experience the sun, wind, rain …directly on its ‘face’.   Despite what lays ahead…the season has come for the bud to become a flower.

Likewise, God has ushered us into a Newyear 2017. We thank God for this new season as we anticipate the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord God to walk with us through every day of the 2017.

If your gaze is still held behind in 2016 probably despairing over lost opportunities or worrying about the future, ask yourself this question: “What is right in front of me?” In other words, what circumstances and relationships has God currently brought my way? Let this question get your focus off a past regret or a scary future and back to what God can do in your life.

When God visited Moses in the ‘burning bush’, HE gave Moses a task to go get the Israelites out from Egypt. Moses was troubled at the calling God had placed on his life. He expressed his fears and weakness hoping that God will let him off the hook; but No, for that was the very reason Moses was born to this World.

‘Instead God asked Moses, “What is that in your hand?” (Ex.4:2).   The Lord shifted Moses’s attention away from his anxiety about the future and suggested he notices what was right in front of him – a Shepherd rod.

God showed Moses that He could use this ordinary staff to perform miracles as a sign for unbelieving people. As Moses’s trust in God grew, so did the magnitude of miracles God worked through His servant.

Do you think about past failures too much? Do you have fearful thoughts about the future? Recall God’s question: “What is that in your hand?”

‘What current circumstances and relationships can God use for your benefit and His glory? Entrust them and your life to Him’ – Dennis Fisher, Our Daily bread 2012.

I pray that this will be your  Blessed Year.



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