In today’s world, few people associate the term “husband” with the idea of “taking care of”. Modern women sometimes do not need a man to “take care of” them through financial support. But there are many other ways that a husband is called on by God to take care of his wife.

A scenario is depicted of a young man who takes on a new job …. We call it CQI, Here at the Gigantic Shoe Company… Continuous Quality Improvement, Mr. Juliano, the personnel director, smiled at young Ben, the new clerk. Every day you need to be thinking: How can I do my job better? How can Gigantic please its customers more? Is there anything in my area that needs to be corrected, and how can I help correct it?‘ If you keep asking and answering questions like this, son, you‘ll have a long and prosperous career at our company. Ben nodded eagerly, anxious to prove himself. In fact, he already had some great ideas that he was eager to put into place.

Many men work very hard to continually improve their skill in their business, vocation, ministry, or to keep up their home or farm. In order to do this, they frequently analyze the situation (Prov 27:23) and decide on a plan of action. They act on their plan before decay or hardening sets in. But the same man, who is striving for excellence in his business or in the performance of his motorcycle, may not realize that these same principles apply in his marriage. He fails to do the frequent analysis and the timely action essential to keeping it healthy. At home, he eases into passivity and expects his marriage to run like a perpetual motion machine without fuel or maintenance.

What he doesn‘t realize is that this inactive point of view spells disrepair and perhaps disaster for his relationship with his wife. An excellent husband pays close attention to the current condition of his marriage and works to improve in husbanding his wife.

One of the greatest images of Himself, which God has written into mankind, is the way that a husband‘s initiatives toward his wife portray Christ‘s love for His wife, the church. Husbands, does your portrayal still need a little CQI, some quality improvement?

Excerpt from An online Course: Where God puts two hearts in a home

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