A Happy New Year 2016  to you!

I am sharing with you a letter from an anonymous writer which I found intriguing… a husband shares his heart with the reader…I encourage you to read as there are key lessons to take note of.

“It is a difficult thing to let out, but the truth must be told. I was happily married to my wife for 35 years and we went through ups and downs together. We were blessed with very good and brilliant children- boys and a girl. They all married very well and have good jobs, thanks to my wife who prayed without ceasing over them.

Then my wife and I retired and got some lump sum money. ‎My wife after praying and fasting, then advised us to invest in a particular (legitimate) business, and the yields were just dumbfounding. I became exhilarated with joy. I have never seen that much money before. I joined the ‘billionaires’ club. Suddenly my life changed. I felt ‘too much’ for one woman. Of course, I changed my cars, we moved to a choice area in town. I began to be invited to important places. Young pretty girls flocked round me. I also kept company with new friends who were with younger women.  These young women who could whisper all kinds of obscenity into my ears to keep me melting were all over me. Money was no problem at all and I felt like the king of the world.

Then I met one of these young vivacious, curvy, pretty girls (let’s call her Dolly) who paid so much attention to me. She would manicure my nails. Massage me all over and I ‘fell in love’. She gave me all kinds of conditions to have her to myself. One of which was marriage…to be married to me.  Now my wife had never done me any wrong. She had supported me through the good times and bad times. At one time when I was really down with loads of burden, she kept the house and paid the children’s fees and not one soul knew about it. The children turned out all well and I knew it was her effort.

One day I visited ‎Dolly and her mother, who had cooked a sumptuous meal for me. (Dolly’s mother was about my wife’s age). After I ate and drank, the mother started giving me conditions. She was a divorcee and said she wanted the best for her daughter. They gave me three months to send my wife packing or no Dolly. I confess…I cannot really explain what happened…whether I went on my knees promising to comply, I cannot remember.

I got home and started accusing my wife of all kinds of things. It was from one quarrel to another. I began to hate her with a passion. Finally, I called a family meeting to report her. The list of her faults were endless from being overweight, fanatical- that her prayers were curses, and my suspicion of her having an affair with her Pastor and so on and so forth. She had defended herself successfully through all the accusations, then she told my people (who I had bribed to support me), that she knew what my problem was all about and she would leave me so that I can have the young blood I was running after. We booed her and called her disrespectful. My younger sister, my wife had rescued from some terrible situation and trained like one of our children, slapped my wife. I just looked on.

My wife left the home that day. She owned majority of the household items, but she turned her back against every item. The children tried to intervene, but I had some better arguments and lies to win them over temporary. I paid Dolly’s bride price to some hungry looking uncles. I only felt like a king for two weeks of honeymoon. It feels cool having a very pretty girl (like a beauty queen) next to an old man when we go to parties. But for me it ends there. I have been living in hell. ‎Dolly is uncouth, unruly, evil, doesn’t even know God. Her Mouth is full of curses. She has been milking me dry. I cannot even have sexual relations with Dolly now, for I have erectile dysfunction and all other stuff; and  I suspect that Dolly has boyfriends.

But in all these, I am ashamed to complain to a soul. I miss my godly wife. I miss her gentleness. I have developed all kinds of ailment as nobody monitors my food. Yes, we have all kinds of domestic servants. Although Dolly doesn’t work, she has acquired houses. She gave me a child (am I really sure the child is mine?…but just to cover my shame I kept quiet); but it is no fun being with that child as I had been with my children or grandchildren.  My children are no longer close to me.

Their mother is very okay. God has always heard her prayers speedily and a lot of good things have come her way. She looks happier and younger without me. You can see that she is a happy and blessed person.  As for my family members, Dolly drove them away. I am like a prisoner in my heart and even my own home. I made a terrible mistake, but I am afraid to admit it to the world. I am undergoing things that I cannot write in this letter.  Although I am suffering, I cover up my pain with a mask of contentment and smiles.‎

I would give anything in the world to turn back the hands of time. I imagine how nice it would be to grow gracefully with the wife of my youth. I envy couples who weathered the storm and remain together in their old age. They look so lovely. I guess they understand themselves better. I hope I can still have the opportunity to make up to my wife. I have tried to be friendly to her, but she just snubs me and keeps me at arm’s length. I have tried to send presents to her. She returns them. She admits she has forgiven me but does not want anything to do with me. Ah! God help me, this life….”

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