Marriage is much desired and sought after irrespective of one’s gender; however in the passage of time, this gift is turning out to be hard to keep as a treasure it warrants. There are numerous reasons given why the sanctity of marriage is falling apart, making it less of what God had initially planned and purposed it to be in the lives of mankind.

A question asked was that could it be because 2 people desire to get into a marriage without giving attention to the foundation of the marriage?

Excerpt from An online Course: Where God puts two hearts in a home

A scenario is given of a man and a woman who had an intention to build a mansion.   George and Peggy started building a mansion by showing up for work one day with their toolboxes, ordering a pile of lumber and cement, and beginning to work.

Meanwhile read what each one is thinking…

Peggy: ―I think I can just figure it out as I go.

George: ―I think we should be able to get this done over the weekend and just move inside next week.‖

Peggy: ―Let‘s see, how does this work?

George: ―I‘ll bet I can figure out how to install this light. I don‘t need to read the instructions.

Peggy: ―My partner sure isn‘t doing a very good job!

George: ―Wow! That looks a little crooked. I guess I‘d better prop up this end here. Oops, sorry. I did not mean to knock you down.

How do you think their project will turn out?

Poor George and Peggy! They had such good intentions, and despite their hard work;  the mansion they so desired is still out of their reach!

What were they missing?

 They had no blueprints.

 They didn‘t plan enough time or effort into building the house.

 They didn‘t worry about learning the skills that would help them build.

 They didn‘t ask for any help from those who had greater experience.

  • How much effort should you put into building a quality home?
  • Like a wise builder, is there a foundation for a marriage a couple needs to pay heed to?
  • How important is it that you follow God‘s blueprints?

Just as one needs a blueprint to build a house; the word of God is the blue print for a couple (intending to marry or married).  The Word of God  informs us about God’s intention for marriage; and the role of a husband and wife within a marriage.

God gives you instructions about the design and materials to use in building a marriage relationship. If you ―figure it out as you go, your marriage relationship may not be the kind of safe and attractive place your heart will want to call ―home.


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